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Space-inspired Playroom Ideas

Your little one just learned to walk, and now she’s excited to explore the world! But while you want to show her the best of what’s beyond your home, first make her little world—her playroom, that is—a good venue for cognitive learning and development.

According to social skills experts, playrooms play a big role in a baby's social skills. Early childhood is when children are receptive to learning and interaction, and through playrooms, parents and teachers are able to creative an ideal learn-and-play environment for their kids. Laugh, interaction, empathy, and listening are some of the basic skills that can be nurtured in a playroom.

Since playrooms are becoming a big thing, it presents a big opportunity for parents to design the environment that they prefer, and that’s one of the most enjoyable tasks. Here are our ideas for cool playroom decors based on a unique theme: Space!

Let’s go to the Milky Way (Galaxy-inspired)


Start exploring your kids in different dimensions of the universe and have a next Little Einstein version that conquers the galaxy. Think Toy Story, Planetarium, or Space Jam!

If you have budding young astronauts, try this theme that will bring them to a bigger outer world dominated by the outer space, filled with stars, planets, and spaceships.

An All-Star Room for Me (Constellation-inspired)

Going outside at night and seeing all kinds of stars, spotting the Big Dipper the Southern Cross doesn’t need to go beyond the playroom! Try this playroom theme and enjoy fun bonding sessions while guessing where Aries the Ram or Libra the Scales are located. Perhaps make a wish when you spot the falling star?

It’s My Favorite TV Show! (Character-inspired)

Little kids are fond of TV and movie characters, especially favorites like Minions, Disney princesses, Marvel, anime, and the like. Let them embrace and enjoy the creative and imaginative designs from when they wake up or before they go to sleep. Take inspiration from Totoro from Spirited Away and Minion the movie!

There you go, moms! With all the many DIY playroom ideas on the Internet, it will be easier for you to find the best one for your little one. And do you know what we’re thinking now that we’re talking about space-inspired playrooms? We’re thinking of a photo shoot with your LILLEbaby tokidoki Space Place All Seasons! Imagine the harmonious blend of cool, quirky designs that spell fun #COMPLETEtogether moments.

Got other space-inspired ideas you’d like to share? We’re so excited to hear your stories with your little angel!


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