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Dos and Don'ts Of Your Baby's First Photo Shoot

Your little one is about to walk soon – and before she moves on to the next big chapter of her childhood, something came across your Mommilennial mind: You haven’t had her first photo shoot yet!

To help you successfully stage your baby’s first camera moments, here are some DOs and DON'Ts to follow:

DO prepare.

Plan and decide where your shoot is going to be. Get some sample shots and look for props around the house that you can use. Bring your baby’s essentials, ie., include some extra clothes, diapers, and milk for that day. Babies are unpredictable, so be always ready and make sure your baby’s comfort and safety are still the top priorities while you two are having fun in the shoot.

DO it on the right time!

Babies aren’t going to cooperate if they haven’t been fed or aren't well-rested. The ideal time to take pictures of newborns is right after they’ve done both. Studies showed that most babies are much more cooperative in the morning than in the afternoon or evening.

DON’T turn the flash on!

Nothing ruins the genuine atmosphere of newborn baby pictures more than the harsh light from a flash. To get the best shots, always use natural light. It is always more flattering to use the soft directional light coming in a window. Make sure the room also has white walls that reflect the light, brightening everything up. If you don’t have a room like this in your own house, you can use white blankets for the background.

DON’T bring too many toys!

Although they're tad useful, props might be your worst enemy on the shoot. Having too many props may distract your baby from the camera, giving you and the photographer a harder time to cue or direct them. You, the photographer and his one favorite toy should be enough for make your little one smile.

DO let them move freely!

Be open and flexible. The session won’t always go as planned, so no need to fret. Spontaneity is a great thing during shoots. Let the baby move, yawn, and stretch.  Babies have wonderful, perfect, sweet movements. Whatever pose they do, it's THE perfect pose in every frame. 

DO make it memorable!

The most important thing to remember is to have fun, because photo shoots are meant to capture two things: your baby's firsts and the happiness of motherhood. 

Have you done your shoot already? Share your experiences with us here or on Facebook! 


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