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Airflow or All Seasons: Which one's for you?

So you're finally convinced that a LILLEbaby COMPLETE Carrier is the perfect choice. Now which model should you choose?

Because it's something you'll be using day-to-day, it's important to get the carrier that completely addresses all your needs. And with both the COMPLETE Airflow and COMPLETE All Seasons equipped with everything that you want in a full-function carrier - 6 ergonomic carrying positions, patented cupped seat, back and neck support, and the rest of its comfort and safety features - choosing your preferred COMPLETE simply boils down to what you prioritize more. 


IF COOLNESS IS YOUR PRIORITY, GET THE COMPLETE AIRFLOWWe all know how hot it can be all year long in a country like the Philippines. This is what makes the cool and supremely capable COMPLETE Airflow a true gem in the wide array of baby carriers available locally. Made with breathable 3D mesh for maximum air circulation and ventilation, it's simply the perfect carrier if you want a secure, comfy, and above all, cool babywearing experience.

So what exactly is mesh? It's a loosely woven or knitted fabric with closely spaced holes. Mesh is usually used for sports clothing like jerseys because the material is not only lightweight and durable, but also allows for easy airflow. Now imagine that material in your carrier but only with bigger holes to bring you and your baby a constant breath of fresh air. How cool is that, literally? :) 

With the COMPLETE Airflow, you can babywear everyday and be #COMPLETEtogether, whether you're at home, out and about in the city, or even at the beach. Priced at P7499 with a variety of colors to choose from, you can check out the collection here.



One of the smartest times to babywear is when you're traveling - you get to have two free hands to do everything you want to do, all while your little one is securely worn in the comforts of your carrier. And that's where the COMPLETE All Seasons wins in our book, because there’s nothing like an all-around carrier that can get you through the sun and snow, ready for whatever comes your way.

Featuring an exclusive temperature control panel that you can easily zip up to get cozy or zip down to stay cool (revealing the same 3D mesh material that the Airflow is made of), it's as versatile as a baby carrier can get. And it's just as lightweight and durable, making it also perfect for daily use at home or outdoors.

With the COMPLETE All Seasons, you can explore the world worry-free with your little one while you're #COMPLETEtogether. Explore the collection here.


There you go! Have you made your decision? Share with us which COMPLETE you chose in our comments section below.


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