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Parents all over the world are babywearing! Here's why.

In Mexico, families use a square of woven cloth tied over the shoulder called a Rebozo to carry their babies. Alaskans, on the other hand, use a thick arctic jacket called an Amauti with a baby pocket in the back. They call it a Mei-tai in China, an Onbuhimo in Japan, or a Khanga in Africa. Babywearing isn’t new, and there’s a reason why it’s been gaining popularity all over the world: it’s the benefits!
  1. Worn babies cry less

The more babies are closely held, the less they fuss. This isn’t just an opinion. In 1986, a study in Montreal revealed that infants in baby carriers cried and fussed 43% less than those that were not. Anthropologists studying infant-carrying practices in indigenous cultures found out that infant-fussing and crying can be measured in only a few minutes a day. They also found out that compared to their modern counterparts, whose cries can be measured in hours, babies from indigenous cultures cry far less. This is because the only time they are laid down is when it’s time for bed.

Babies who aren’t crying are constantly learning. They can spend all of their energy calmly observing their environment. Which makes them…

  1. Healthier and smarter

A carrier is a “transitional womb” for a newborn. Research has shown that babies who are constantly held gain weight faster, and are healthier. Stimulation from being carried exercises their vestibular system, which controls balance. They learn to control bodily functions and movements at a faster pace.

Another babywearing benefit is your baby’s constant exposure to environmental experiences, which helps the brain develop and make the right connections. Because your child is involved, they participate in environmental stimuli but have the comfort of the safe haven that is you, their mommy or daddy. They are also better at recognizing patterns of behavior through constant experience. Haven’t you noticed your baby light up whenever she sees you? It’s because she recognizes that with you she is safe, and with you she is more open to new experiences.

  1. Babywearing strengthens bonds

Many advocates of babywearing never had to learn to read their baby’s different cries—because they can understand their baby’s cues even before they cry! When you babywear, you see what your baby sees, feel what they feel, and read their cues better. Babywearing reinforces their trust and confidence in you.

  1. It’s convenient and economical

A baby carrier is one of the most useful and economical must-haves a parent can have. Because of its long list of benefits, a full function carrier is always a wise investment. Carriers are also convenient in more ways than one: you can work and still be close to your baby, navigate busy streets together with ease and no worries, or even take care of the needs of your older kids, hubby, and household - all while your little one is with you.

  1. It makes them feel secure and safe

Good quality carriers, like the LILLEbaby COMPLETE, can hold up to 45lbs, which means you can wear your child until she's 3-4 years old - perfect for when she's old enough to create memories in new and exciting places, but still young enough to seek comfort in being close to you. A carrier can be a safe haven for your toddler when it all gets too much. It can be very helpful in zoos, theme parks, busy malls, or foreign countries, where your child can rest and be kept close in a crowd.


Babywearing is a truly amazing experience for both baby and parents. It’s not only healthy for your baby, but is a healthy practice for you too. With a great carrier, you're free to do what you want - take a brisk walk, go shopping, get groceries, relax or work - all while your baby is close to you.

What’s your idea of a fun babywearing activity? Sound off in the comments below!


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