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5 Travel Tips for the Newbie Babywearing Mom

Travel is a luxury that almost everyone in the world enjoys—even newbie moms! With everyone’s busy schedules and tight deadlines, a trip to the Bahamas or a cruise to the Caribbean creates the perfect work-life balance you need to escape the mundane. What makes travel exciting for the family is when you have to consider not only the travel itinerary but the whole trip.

If it’s baby’s first trip abroad, the pressure heightens. What should you pack? How can you save? How do you make sure that you and your baby are comfortable all throughout the trip? And the questions do not end there.

But never fret, newbie moms. To make sure you’re better equipped for your baby’s first travel, we came up with life hacks for you!

Plan your itinerary carefully. Travelling with your baby can be a breeze if you’re prepared. If it’s a first international trip and involves children, it’s best to go with a group. There’s a no-fail ratio: 2:1 (for every child, there should be two adults). Also, familiarize yourselves with the vacation spots and know your travel options so you can save on transportation expenses. Assign everyone roles (which you can switch daily) and make sure every adult has pocket money and a phone.

Dress comfortably. Every day is a unique adventure and if there are kids involved, there are unlimited possibilities of chaos or discomfort. So dressing comfortably is always a good idea. Go for flats or rubber shoes if you can, slip a dress on if it’s long or goes well with leggings, and wear a breastfeeding-friendly top. Lastly, make sure your bag is big enough to carry your and your baby’s essentials.

Shop conveniently with the use of a baby carrier. Travelling abroad involves a lot of walking, thus it can be tough when all you have is a bulky stroller that can’t fit in car trunks or slings which will put strain on your neck and back. So what do smart moms do? They invest in top-of-the-line baby carriers like LILLEbaby COMPLETE All Seasons which you can bring anywhere, even when you shop!

Your baby stays neatly tucked in, comfy whatever the climate, because of the complete features of the All Seasons carrier such as two-way straps, lumbar support, sleeping hood, wide-padded shoulder straps, and easy reach pockets for instantly stowing car keys, coins, or baby cloths.

Have fun. In an effort to make sure that everything goes well, many newbie moms get all pressured to make sure everyone is OK that they often forget to have fun themselves. Remember that the best part of travelling internationally is to experience different cultures with a fun, fresh perspective.

There you go, newbie moms! We hope these travel tips can guide you through a peaceful and fun-packed travel adventure with your baby. Relax and free yourself from stress, to create the perfect travel experience with your baby. Be #COMPLETEtogether with the LILLEbaby COMPLETE All Seasons 6-in-1 baby carrier. Shop for designs here!

Travelling soon? Share your top tips with us!


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