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'Tis the Season for Fun, Babywearing-Filled Holiday Activities!

Hi Moms, Christmas is finally here!

As it has always been the time of the year for celebration and fun especially for kids and kids-at-heart, planning your Christmas holiday relies much on what the kids would enjoy the most. If finding the perfect balance between entertainment and convenience is your holiday dilemma, here’s a list of fail-proof, babywearing-friendly holiday activities that you and your baby can share:

Take a Stroll
Christmas in the air, cool breeze in your hair—what could be more wonderful than to share a leisurely walk with your little one around the neighborhood or in the nearby park? Enjoy the health benefits of a good stroll as you relish in the festive decorations and the holiday music. Keep your little one warm by securing his head and neck with the Infant or Fetal position or do a Face Out so he can enjoy the sights.

Go Out On a Holiday Picnic
Not a lot of people do this anymore, but a picnic is a classic holiday activity that will definitely make your holiday complete! Bring out the checked picnic blanket, the basket laden with goodies, and don’t forget your LILLEbaby tokidoki Complete Carrier so you can enjoy outdoor activities like aerobics or Zumba while you babywear.

Make a Trip to an Amusement Park
If you’re the more adventurous mom, fun amusement parks or theme parks might be your holiday pick! And who says only big kids will enjoy the scene – your little one will definitely have a great time looking at the kaleidoscope of festive holiday colors and activities. Should he prefer a snooze, you’ll be worry-free because of the adjustable center panel and breathable 3D mesh of the tokidoki carrier.

Have a Christmas Sing-off
Of course, when all else fails, you can always have an intimate Christmas holiday activity by doing sing-offs. Belt out all the Christmas songs you know, have games, and give out cookies and cool freebies for the winners! Even your little one will have fun and relish the moment because it will exercise his neuro-cognitive process.

Create a Holiday Collage
What better way to celebrate your baby’s Christmas than to take family group shots and turn them into a collage for posterity? Dress up in holiday costumes and creatively style your own family Christmas album. Take a few tips from photographer like Toyokazu Nagano or mom Queenie Liao who made waves online because of their creative takes on photos. DIY and create your own holiday collage!

Whatever your plans for the holidays are, don’t forget to have fun with your little one – what could be more important than being #COMPLETEtogether with her?


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